Our Capabilities

  • Handle up to 100k calls per hour
  • Geo Target down to the city
  • Retarget based on Phone #
  • Opt outs
  • 24/7 support

Incremental Revenue

It is expensive to maintain your 411 or operator services. Yes, you already generate the 411 call fees but our incremental revenue is 100% profit. At the same time you can give your customers a much more relevant store to call. You will never be send them to a changed or wrong number. They will find exactly what they were looking for without having to re dial 411.

Innovations in Call flow

Not much has change in the last decade when it comes to handling 411 or “operator” calls. LookingForStores.com uses innovative software and interfacing to allow better service and increase revenue. Contact us today for an in person demonstration by one of our regional associates. "What are you shopping for?"


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